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Author Interview: Chrissy Moon

Chrissy MoonOf Filipino descent, Chrissy Moon is a California native and divides her time between the Los Angeles area and Seattle, Washington.

Originally a poet in her childhood and teens, Chrissy (nee Christine Liamzon) attended a private university for a short time, known then as the United States International University at San Diego, California (currently known as Alliant University).

Over the years, through poor life decisions, a failed marriage, being a single mother, and personal growth, Chrissy documented her emotions vividly through her 20's and early 30's with her poetry.

As she entered the second phase of her life, with a second child and the aim to be married soon, she sat down at work one day and began writing a scene about a young woman who was on drugs, had made poor choices in life, and had an abusive boyfriend to boot. That scene eventually became Surreal Ecstasy (Ring of Fire Publishing, 2013), an emotional women's fiction paranormal romance, following with a clean YA novel, DayDreamer (Ring of Fire Publishing, 2013) soon thereafter.

She tried her hand at writing a horror short story entitled "Loralee and the Green" in a collection called Linger (7DS Books, 2014), and self-published a sampling of her poems from over the years in a collection known as Sweet Faded Ink (2014).

Her newest works are Surreal Enemies: Angel City (Ring of Fire Publishing, 2015), the sequel to her debut novel, and another horror short story in an anthology with an authors' group known as the #Awethors ("Mabel's Promotion," Awethology Dark, Plaisted Publishing House, 2015).

She is currently working on more short stories with the #Awethors, more books from her series, and a few other surprises as well. Connect with Chrissy by visiting www.chrissymoon.com.

Author Interview: Carol Van Natta

Carol Van NattaHi, Carol, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I write books, primarily science fiction, and plays. I’ve had a variety of jobs in my life, including swing-shift guard, secretary, actor, voice over talent, business analyst, singing telegram performer, film festival director, and a business continuity specialist. I still do some of those things so I can eat regularly, sleep indoors, and feed the cats.

What were you like at school?

In high school, I was a geek before we called ourselves that, and hung out with like-minded kids once we found one another. We argued the plot details of Star Trek, the feasibility of faster-than-life travel, and the general unfairness of the universe, as most teenagers do. I went to college 10 years later than most people did, which gave me a leg up on discipline and knowing how and when systems could bend. I have degrees in English Writing, Theatre Performance, and Theatre History.

Were you good at English?

Yes, I was very good in English, probably because I was writing as soon as I could hold a pen and form letters. I hated writing essays, though, because we were supposed to outline first, then write, and I always had to write the essay so I could create the outline. Funnily enough, I find outlines very useful now.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

My current series, the Central Galactic Concordance (CGC), is a science fiction romance series that will, as far as I can tell from here, span nine(!) books to complete the Big Damn Story Arc that inspired them. Somewhere in there, I’d also like to start a second series, but I don’t know which of my various plot seeds—science fiction, urban fantasy, fantasy—will germinate at that time. I believe this will keep me off the streets and out of the karaoke bars for the next few years.