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Author Interview: Steven Kogan

Steven KoganHi Steven, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I'm a 32 year old naturalized Texan with a film degree, a loving wife, a tolerant cat, and more free time than I should probably be trusted with.

What were you like at school?

I think the best thing that was ever said about me was that I was "the most popular person among the least popular people." It was a compliment, really. I drifted from group to group, not really minding people's quirks or oddities and I think the lack of judgement gave me friends all across the spectrum. Looking back, I think they taught me more about life than if I'd kept with one clique or group like the TV shows said I was supposed to. By seeking out people who were actively different than myself in some way, I learned to appreciate people on a very personal level and made some unlikely friends who have changed my life and ended up as recurring characters in my work.

Were you good at English?

In school? Absolutely not, which is ironic because I'd been writing stories since at least 4th grade. I was even put into remedial English for a semester in high school, but that was far more due to my poor study habits than interest. I also was terrible about reading the assignments. I still have not read Frankenstein, despite it being required reading at least twice.

Editor Interview: Matthew B. Souders

Matthew SoudersMatthew is a career atmospheric scientist, fiction writer, and all around doer of everything. His interests range from the scientific "heavens" (astronomy) to the metaphysical "heaven" (comparative religions and philosophy), and from statistical analysis to romantic science fiction. As a result, he's edited everything from his wife's PhD dissertation to professional white papers in computer science to full-length nonfiction and self-help texts to Fred Himebaugh's absurdly upside-down alternate history novel "The Devil's Dictum" to children's books and short stories of every flavor. He prefers a dialogue with authors, rather than the imperial approach, and he enjoys the entire process, from line editing to editing for flow, story structure and continuity. But most of all, he edits because it's a way to read exciting new fiction and get paid for the privilege!